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Modern gas fireplaces have become increasingly attractive for many homeowners. Of course who wouldn’t be attracted to the convenience and ease of use when it comes to the “instant-on” capability, to turn on your fireplace with the flip of a switch. While there are those people who enjoy chopping woods and building fire through papers, for the rest of us its more to an instant warm gas fireplaces that offers convenience and dancing flames in our own schedule. There’s actually a wide variety of designs and styles you can choose for your gas fireplace, from contemporary to traditional, sleek to sophisticated designs and even to quaint old-fashioned and on antique gas fireplace.

Some people ignored the beauty of the old and antiques. This is because they want something that gives them a modern experience rather than the old ones. But little they know that the old or the antiques have greater and higher value. Even though gas fireplaces are the product of the modernized and rapid growth of technology, it can’t escape to have the name of what we called as “antique gas fireplace”. An antique gas fireplace gives your home an old-fashioned but classy ambience that brings the elements in the house together. Since the fireplace is the focal point of the house, it is responsible in bringing out a big part of the bests of your home.

These gas fireplace are available in vented models which either use a traditional chimney/hue and its also available in vent-less models or commonly known as “room-vented”. They can be installed in apartments of other locations where outside ventilation isn’t a choice since they both require no special venting. Direct-vent gas fireplaces and top-vent gas fireplaces produces 20,000 – 60,000 BTU/hour, while the vent-less gas fireplaces generate a maximum of 40,000 BTU/hour. As long as there no hot gases the escapes the chimney, the room is well warmed and heat-radiated. These as fireplaces are designed to provide and give you a maximum heat production and fuel efficiency.

To make your antique gas fireplace more old-fashioned, you can supplement this with traditional-designed accessories. Vintage or gothic glass andirons can add texture and more interest in your fireplaces. You can avail these vintage glass andirons in any fireplace shop. They offer variety of classy and elegant designs of andirons. Classy and elegant decorative log holders made from brass, iron and steel will bring more interest and perfection to your fireplace. Though you are using gas fireplaces you can have this as décor beside your fireplaces. There are a lot of fireplace accessories you can lavish your gas fireplace. So if you want class and exquisiteness in your home, antique gas fireplace suits your taste!

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