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If you are a pet owner and pet lover like me then you know that keeping your pet healthy can get pretty expensive – especially if you have to take your pet to see the veterinarian. But the task of keeping your pet health care costs covered became easier around 1980 when veterinary pet insurance came about also known as VPI.

Since then many different types of pet medical insurance has come out offering almost the same services and coverage as normal human insurance. If you have a pet and are considering purchasing medical insurance for your pet then there are a few things or questions you will want to have answered prior to buying or signing them up for any pet insurance plans.

First find out what kind or kinds of insurance will your pet or pets need. For instance will they need lifetime pet insurance, will your insurance need to cover emergencies, surgeries, tests, check ups, treatments, medications and some plans have the option to add things like acupuncture, holistic care or supplements, injections or shots, pet dermatologists, pet ophthalmologists, and grooming cost. There are many plans out there that can cover all of these areas or just a few depending on which company you are with.

Here are a couple of questions you will want to ask any pet healthcare provider before signing up for any pet insurance plans. First find out how long the company has been in business and who underwrites their insurance plans. Then find out that companies A.M. Best Company rating. Getting this information first about any pet insurance company will help you know if you are working with a stable company.

Lastly asking questions like – Are there any caps on the amount of services that come with the plan? Get a detailed benefit schedule. Find out what the deductible will be and what the percentage of pay out is. Most importantly find out if pre existing conditions are covered, if there is an age limit or will premiums be affected by the age of your pet?

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