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Many of us have the desire to lose weight and stay in shape – but this is difficult when we are not willing to sacrifice some of the things that are packing on the pounds in the first place. It is one thing to eat healthier – but we also must learn to drink better also. Too many of us rely on coffee, soda, and energy drinks to get us through our day.

Did you know that all of these have some form of sugar and caffeine in them – which are able to damage our bodies. Sugar is what causes our metabolism to not work the way it should and make it harder for it to burn fat and calories. While caffeine is useful to wake us up when you do not drink enough water it will damage your kidneys and is able to cause infections.

Rather then drinking tons of these every day try to limit yourself to one a day or every couple of days. Instead you should replace it with something that is healthier and safer for you to drink.


Water should be on the top of the list of something you need to be drinking. It has the ability to cleanse the skin and remove fat from your body. It is also the one thing that is going to keep us hydrated when we are playing.

Diet Drinks

If you are someone who really loves the taste of soda then why not have the diet types. These diet drinks have no sugar or fat in them but use a type of sugar substitute. While this is not the healthiest for you it is a whole lot better than sugar itself.


Juice is great for you to drink and is perfect when you do not have time to eat a serving of fruit. Stick to the all natural kind that does not use corn syrup. Make sure that you still drink it in moderation because it contains sugar even if it is natural.

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