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When it comes to moving there are many different types of supplies that you need which will help make things easier for you. One thing that I always love to use is the hand dolly. This is a simple tool that comes available when you rent a moving truck and helps you to move around large pieces of furniture and several boxes at one time.

It is something that helps to make moving both easy and fast instead of trying to move one box at a time and to lug that extremely heavy refrigerator without any help whatsoever. There are many different types of hand dollies that are used for both domestic moves and for manufacturers.

Large Dolly

These are some of the largest types of hand dollies – which make it easy for people to move around bigger items. These large hand dollies are best used when trying to move couches or refrigerators or other large items. They help to stabilize things and take the stress off of the people that are trying to move it.

Motorized Dolly

The motorized dolly is very easy to use – but is really only used for businesses and manufacturers. This helps to make it easier for these people to move things around quickly and easily.

All Terrain Dolly

The all terrain hand dolly is more unique in the fact that it comes available to be used with more than just two wheels. It has a way for people to add another wheel so that it is able to be used for more things and in any area. This makes it possible for people to use it when they are trying to move what they own. It is also good for manufacturers when they are trying to move a lot of items

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