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Your identity is very important and is what gives you the ability to work, have a home, car, and so much more. Without it you would not exist in a way. When someone steals your identity they are given to access to your credit cars, bank accounts, and all of your money. It is important to know what to do when this happens.

The minute you realize what has happened you need to call the police. It would help to know where it was taken from your – but this isn’t always possible because it might take a few days to realize what has happened. Make sure that they give you a police report number so you can give it to the credit agency.

Any stolen credit cards need to be reported to the company that issued them and new cards need to be given. Also speak with your bank if any checks were stolen. They will need to close your account at once to prevent them from taking your money.

Unfortunately you will have to prove to the everyone that you have not done anything wrong. You need to complete affidavits of forgeries with them. Remember that they are going to hurt from this incident as much as you will. You might also need to speak with any retailers that have been hurt from this.

For some people the identity theft is more personal and damaging. One of the worst things that can be stolen is your social security card. If this has happened you need to call the social security administration to create a new account for yourself. Also make sure to tell credit agencies what has happened so they can keep an eye on your account for unknown activity.

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