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Chiropractic care is widely known – but there are still some people who are skeptics concerning it. They are afraid that the techniques that are used and the conditions that they claim to treat will make matters worse or not help in the slightest. Before you choose to stay away from or use chiropractors why not consider important facts concerning it.

The most common type of treatment that they use is referred to as spinal manipulation and is performed on close to 90% of patients who use them. This is a passive technique where the doctor will push a three joint complex beyond what it is used to in its movement range. However, it is not pushed to the point where it will become damaged or dislocated the joints. During this technique they will use a force to release and increase the range of motion of the joint.

There are many more techniques that are used. The one that your chiropractor uses might be different from most others. It greatly depends on where they were trained at. Another more common method is the activator technique. This uses a special tool known as the chiropractor activator in order to adjust and repair problems in the spine or other areas.

Mixers And Straights

There are two main types of chiropractors; mixers and straights. The straights stick to the original philosophical guidelines that was created by B.J. and D.D. Palmer. They believe that vertebral problems can cause problems with the Innate Intelligence in the nervous system – which they believe causes many diseases. These types will not use any form of mainstream medical assistance or techniques along with theirs.

Mixers are the more reliable types of chiropractors to use because they do believe in mixing both their unique techniques and other kinds of mainstream medical advice and solutions. By doing this they are able to truly help certain people or know when they should see a specialist.

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