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Ergonomics which is defined by human factors is the science of the interactions between humans – that’s you and me and are interactions with systems or work environments. Ergonomics or an ergonomic work station or work area is set up to increase overall safety and well being of the worker and in returned increasing productivity.

The use of ergonomics has become very popular in many offices. Most of us would think that if your are setting in front of a desk all day that you should not be worrying about your well being very much unlike someone else who has a very labor intensive job.

But anyone who has spent eight hours in front of a computer will tell you that there are many different things that can become quite uncomfortable and in some rare case those that have worked at a desk years may have even suffered serious injury.

A lot of the discomfort and injury that one might sustain from an office job is the result of sitting in a leather desk chair all day that is not made to interact with one’s body that well. With thousand of office employees complaining about back pain and many other body pains and disorders that might have come from working in a chair all day. Caused many desk chairs companies to start making ergonomic desk chairs. In addition many businesses remodeling there office space using ergonomics to prevent injury in all areas.

You should have an ergonomic desk chair because it is designed in a way that is supports your body for longer periods of time and help prevent repetitive strain injury, occupational overuse syndrome, and cumulative trauma disorder, and many other pains that come from working at a desk and computer all day.

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