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Sinus infections is something that both children and adults can suffer from. It can sometimes be confused with other problems – but when left untreated can cause ear infections and make someone feel miserable all the time. Because of this it is important that people learn how to properly identify the symptoms that are associated with it.

There are two main categories of these symptoms; that that can be identified easily and those that can’t. Knowing these will help you to know if you are your child is suffering from them and how to properly treat them. If you are still not sure then you should go to the doctor and allow them to diagnose the problem.

Common Symptoms

The most common of these symptoms will be a pain that is around the sinus cavities. This can be several areas that include around the eyebrows or under the cheekbones. You will also find that your nose is constantly running – which is why this condition can be confused with allergies or colds. To know if it is a sinus infection you will have to look at the discharge. If it is yellow or green than you have an infection.

The other things to look for is a fever, cough, and constant tiredness. These are always worse during the night when the nasal drip is much worse. The infection can sometimes follow a cold so make sure that you treat it properly.

Uncommon Symptoms

There are many other symptoms that some people might have and others may not. These are much harder to spot and can be very uncomfortable. Ear pain is a sinus infection symptom that occurs when the sinuses around the top of the nose and behind the eyes are inflamed. You might also have a pain located in your jaw or teeth.

For some people they will be sensitive to light due to the fact that your eyes are swollen. When these signs appear you need to see your doctor because the condition has become worse.

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