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Hernias are something that not many people think they will have or even know that they may have. This is because most of the time they will not cause the person any amount of pain. When in the early stage you may only experience a slight discomfort that will go away quickly.

There are three main types of hernias and the stages at which they progress. It is important that people understand what type of hernias they have. This will let them know the proper way to treat it and what could be causing it.

Reducible Hernia

When it is in the early stage it is usually considered to be a reducible hernia. This means that people can easily push the mass back inside where it came from. This is not a way to treat it and coughing, bending over, or any type of straining will push it back out again. However, it does help to alleviate some of the discomfort.

Irreducible Hernia

There are some masses that cannot be pushed back inside no matter how hard you might try. These are irreducible and could be because they are too large or something is blocking its way. This will make someone very uncomfortable and for some can cause a certain amount of pain. People with this type will usually try to repair the problem with surgery when a spot is open for them.

Strangulated Hernia

This is the worst type of hernia that anyone can have. The reason doctors like to repair the hernia when it is diagnosed is because it can turn into this. When this happens the hernia is tangled with another intestine in the body and is cutting off its blood supply. This can cause an infection, gangrene, and will kill the intestine. It can also cause the person great pain. This is something that must be treated right away because it only take a few hours for the intestine to die.

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