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Going natural is all the rave these days, and while many people think you have to purchase expensive acne medication to clear up unwanted breakouts, there are some organic compounds and household foods that can help remove or reduce face acne in a safer way. All it takes is a little knowledge, and with the help of naturally organic juices you can be on your way to a clear skin.

Did you know that crushed tomato pulp can help to cure acne? Yes it can, and so can papaya juice. Once you have the juice or pulp of your choosing ready, apply it to your face for or wherever the acne may be for thirty minutes a day can help reduce the effects of even the most severe break-outs. These substances are widely known to help shrink and even eliminate pimples.

Another great substance you may have at home in your cupboard is peanut oil and lime juice. Mix these two organic foods together and you’ve got yourself a great treatment and prevention for nasty blackheads. With just a thirty minute treatment, and rinsing your face off with warm water will put your skin on the path to clearness.

As you can see, it doesn’t take abrasive chemicals and expensive spa treatments to clean up face acne, you can do this yourself with naturally organic foods and juices you may already have in your home. Of course, prevention is the best form of treatment and washing your face regularly is the best method for keeping blackheads and pimples at bay. Some people have more skin oil and are simply more prone to getting acne, and for those washing your face several times each day may help wonders.

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