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There are many reasons why you might have a barn on your land near your home. You may have moved on to land that used to be farmland, you might raise farm animals like – horses, pigs, or cows, you may store different agricultural products in one, and many keep farm equipment in there barn. For some who have moved on to old farmland used use these old barns for extra storage space or covert them into a building that can be used for commercial proposes or into another home.

But sometimes your barn may need extra protection then what it currently has. This is why you need a barn cover. For instance if you barn is quite a bit older you may be having problem with the sun, wind, or rain. Having a barn cover will provide you will extra shade which will help prevent you from getting sun burned while working in your barn allowing you to out in more time and helping you get more done. Also the extra shade will help protect your livestock, feed, or anything else that you store in your barn that can be hurt by harmful unwanted UV rays.

In addition to the above mention shade there has been a rise in farmers and farm workers getting skin cancer many believe a shade from a barn cover will help dramatically with this. Some are worried that using a barn cover will cause the barn to be less ventilated . But there are covers out there that made of net screens that block as much as 99% of the bad UV rays but have air the circulate through.

Other than net screens there are covers made of polyethylene or durable canvas that are great for helping to give you extra protect from the elements like – heavy rain, snow, harsh wind. Other than help to stop the sun and weather from protecting your barn and it’s contents many have found the barn cover also help protect playgrounds, concession areas, and pool decks.

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