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Acne is something that many of us have to deal with as teenagers and also adults – but what is even worse are the scars that can form. These scars can be large or small and even pitted on our face – which can make us feel embarrassed and often self conscious. The best way to avoid acne scars is to treat the problem before it can become this bad.


There are many different types of medicines that are used to help treat and fight against acne. The most common of these is accutane. This is something that can only be given to you by your doctor and is considered to be a type of vitamin A. It helps to decrease the size of the sebaceous glands – which will in turn decrease the size of the amount of oil that they produce.

Antibiotics (Topical)

The more severe types of acne are treated using antibiotics that are topical. This will help to destroy the bacteria that is on the surface of the skin. People can purchase this as a cream, gel, or lotion.

Antibiotics (Oral)

Another common type are the antibiotics that are oral. These help to kill the bacteria from the inside of the body. The only problem with these is that they have to be taken for a few years and often take a few months before you start to see the results.


This is another type of prescribed medicine that is available as a gel, lotion, or cream. As you apply it the medication will move its way beneath the skin and help to shed the skin cells faster and to loosen up the plugs.

Birth Control

One of the more unusual types of acne medicine is birth control. However, it has been known to treat women who have acne by reducing the effects of the hormone androgen. This hormone is what produces the oil in the skin.

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