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Pregnancy is very natural for women and is a wonderful time for them. In the beginning they are amazed at the changes that their bodies are going through in order to make room for another person that would be arriving in a few short months. Plus they get the added bonus of eating as much as they want without feeling guilty.

But all of these feelings change during the last trimester as they gradually become bigger and bigger. They are ready for the baby to arrive and they begin to regret those bodily changes that they once wanted. In order to make room for the baby the woman’s belly is stretching at a fast pace and causing the skin to stretch. This will cause stretch marks.

Most women do what they can to avoid getting stretch marks – but to no avail. Perhaps it is in their genetics or their bodies were just too big and had to stretch too much. The good thing is there are dozens of natural stretch mark treatments that can help to diminish the look of these marks and are relatively inexpensive. The only way that you can try to remove them completely is through the help of a dermatologist and stretch mark surgery- but this is not guaranteed to work and could cause even more scarring.

To help diminish the look of stretch marks and to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy drink tons of water. Helping your body to stay hydrated will make it healthier and healthier skin will be more easily stretched out. To help with the elasticity in your skin you should take vitamin E, C, zinc, and silica.

Many of the over the counter lotions and creams were made to reduce the itching that they can cause. They will also help to moisturize the skin which will help to reduce the look os the stretch marks. Also try to massage vitamin E or jojoba oil into them. These special oils will help to heal the surface of the skin and increase circulation to the stretch marks.

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