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Many of us love to grow certain types of plants in our yard or home because of the color an beauty that they can bring to it. Those who want more of a challenge with the plants that they are tending to should consider having a Bonsai. This is a type of method that is used to grow certain trees.

One of the hardest parts about growing a Bonsai is finding the right way to shape it. The way in which you shape the tree will greatly depend on what tree you are trying to grow and what you can do. There are many common ways in which you can shape them and knowing them will help you to choose the right one.


This is one of the more difficult ones that is used on trees that have one tree branch that is dominant over all the others. This branch will need to be even with the rim of the planting pot and can be either subtle or very drastic.

Formal Upright

This is a familiar shape that is most commonly used and is also considered to be the best one to use when you are new to this. It makes the tree appear almost ancient and can be used on trees that have both tall and short trunks. The shape is straight with a top that stands high over the trunk and roots.

Informal Upright

This is just like the formal upright – but it will curve towards the trunk. The top of the tree is tall and very straight high over the base of the trunk. This is slightly more difficult to do – but is more unique.


This is another familiar Bonsai shape that we are used to seeing – but this is usually on weeping willow trees. This cannot be used on all trees though so make sure with your local florist that you can use it on the tree you have before you try.

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