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Stair lifts are becoming more and more common for people who are unable to travel safely up and down their stairs. This type of disabled lift is helpful for people who do not wish to sell their home but do not want to feel trapped inside of it either. It gives them a way to access all areas of their home using something safe and reliable.

One of the things that makes this lifts so safe are the various safety features that they are built with. It is true that each model you purchase is different depending on the amount of money you spend and who you are purchasing it from. We have made a list of some of the most useful safety features that your next stair lift should come with.


The stair lift that you choose should have limit sensors built into different areas of the chair. These sensors are used to recognize when there is something on the stairs that is blocking its path. When it senses something it will come to a slow stop.


Brakes are very important on the lift and must be made with high quality materials and built to work properly. Most are built with both mechanical and electronic brake systems. These will help the chair to stop smoothly or have you stop it should something go wrong.

Controller For Lift

If there are more than one person in the home who will be using the stair lift than you should have a remote control for it. This stair lift safety feature can be installed and mounted to the wall or it can be an actual controller. You can use it to call the lift to you when it is on the opposite side.

Seat Belt

This should come standard and free of charge. This is one of the best safety features to have and will help to keep the rider securely inside of the chair when in motion.

Moveable Chair

To make things easier on you the chair should be able to move in any direction. This stair lift safety feature is helpful to make it easier to mount and dismount the lift. When you move it to the position you want it should lock into place.

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