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Many people do not know that pigs are the worlds fifth smartest animal and they are very strong for their size. Because of this there is a lot more to taking care of pigs than what most people would expect. When it comes to pig care the first things you have to decide is your pig an indoor pet or are your going to keep it outside.

I know for many of us the idea of keeping a pig inside your house is a silly idea. But there are many who do keep there pig inside like you would with man’s best friend. Because they are one of the worlds smartest animals they are easy to house train and litter box train – pretty much the same way you would train your cat or dog. Haven’t you ever seen the movie Babe?

Now if you have a pig that is going to grow to big to be kept indoors unlike the pot bellied pigs that are great as indoor pets then there are a couple of very important bases you will want to make sure you cover first before bringing one home. Also if you are thinking about having an outdoor pig be ready to find out – Is farm life for you?

Pig housing which is the place or pen where you will be keeping your pigs will need to be set up in a manner that will allow the pig to keep cool, wet, and entertained. These three things are very important when it comes to building your pig pen. I know the idea of keeping a pig entertained may sound silly. But because they are so smart they can get bored easy and become depressed.

First lets talk about the pin it’s self. The walls that make up the pig pen will have to be very strong and sturdy if there is any weakness in the pen the pigs can find it and take advantage of it using their strength. Next make sure the pen has plenty of room to play. I mention above pigs get bored easy. You can play with your pig just as you would play with your dog. There are many toys like plastic ball or squeaky toys that you can purchase that are made especially for pigs.

Next make sure your pigs has fresh drinking water and it’s a great idea to get a automatic waterer that sprays water on them. Lastly the Sun and heat is a big problem for them they can easily be affected in a negative way by the Sun. The heat from the Sun can cause heat stress, sunburn, and if bad enough death. So make sure your pigs can keep cool.

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