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When it comes to thinking about retirement and how you are going to spend your retirement years you should know about Medicaid spend down. First to qualify you must be a youth under twenty one, or an adult over sixty five, or disabled. If you are one or more of those than you might qualify. To put it simply Medicaid spend down is a lot like the deductible on your car insurance.

Medicaid spend down is when a person in one of the groups mentioned above makes or has to much money to qualify for Medicaid. For instance if they make $100 more in income than the amount that would make them eligible for Medicaid. But if the have medical bills and expenses that exceed $100 a month then Medicaid will may for the bills and expense over the first $100. Just like an insurance deductible.

The money that you make over the amount of the limit necessary for you to get Medicaid is referred to as excess income. So the medical expenses and bills the you have that are over the amount of your excess income will be paid by Medicaid. But you will have to pay for the medical expense up to the amount of your excess income.

At this point you may be asking – what medical bills or expenses are covered by Medicaid spend down? There are too many to name them all and in some cases certain expenses are covered but in other cases they are not. But here are some just to name a few – paid and not paid medical bills – even ones from time past, transportation to medical treatment counts sometimes, prescriptions, and almost anything if your doctor prescribes it like rehab programs, home health aids, medical supplies and equipment, or even eye glasses and hearing aids. You can sometimes even use Medicaid spent down on things that normal Medicaid would not usually cover.

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