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If you are a hunter than you know all too well the costs of having someone else prepare and butcher your meat can be very expensive. Seeing that few people have this skill anymore specialists can charge into the hundreds for butchering your deer for you. But if you learn how to butcher a deer than you can save loads of money and even take part in insuring you that you produce the highest quality meat possible from your deer.

When it comes to deer butchering here are a few simply steps to follow for success – hang your game up by it’s back legs, remove the skin and extremities, open up it’s body cavity, remove all entrails, cut the game into quarters, and lastly make sure you have a cooler lager enough to hold all the cuts. You may need more than one cooler. Before getting started make sure you have all the tools and equipment need for butchering. You will need a hatchet, saw, sharp knife (a knife with a “gut hook” on it is best I prefer the Gerber Gator II), gambrel, and enough coolers to put all the meat cuts in.

First you will need to use the gambrel to lift your game off the ground. There are a couple of way this can be done. It is recommended that you suspend the gambrel from a winch so that the animal can be raised and lower.

After you have gotten your game off the floor the first step is to get all the skin off. Pull the skin down around the heels and cut it make the cut all the way to the anus. Pull the skin down to the head – you will need to cut the tissue between the skin and the animal carcass to make this happen.

Now that you have gotten the skin down to the head you will need to take off the head and front legs. You can pull the legs off by cutting the connective tissue across the leg joint. For the head you will need to cut through the vertebrae and the turn the head until it pops off.

After that all you will need to do to finish up is remove all the entrails and use the knife and saw to get the different pieces of deer that you want and place them in a cooler. Also if you are planning on doing all the meat preparation you will need to read up on deboning and meat wrapping.

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