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If you own a hand dolly or use one often like in a warehouse on a daily basis here are some things you should know about hand dolly wheels. There are many different kinds of wheels that you can use like – pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, solid rubber, moldon, balloon, and non flat.

Pneumatic hand dolly wheels are just like car tires. They are rubber tires filled with air – when it comes to pulling loads more easily this is your best bet. These wheels have the best shock absorption. If you are going to be pulling loads over gravel or uneven surfaces then these all terrain hand cart dolly wheels are a must have.

Compared to the other wheel types these will always make the loads feel easier to push and pull no matter what surface you are on. The biggest disadvantage is that if they go flat the hand truck will not move at all and you will need to replace the flat before being able to use it again and worst of all you take the chance of spilling the load. But overall this is my favorite tire even though they will always go flat eventually it is not an often occurrence.

Semi-pneumatic hand dolly wheels are great if you want the benefits of the pneumatic wheels without the worry of it going flat while carry a large important load. They are soft and have good maneuverability and are less bouncy that the pneumatic ones.

The solid rubber, moldon, and balloon wheels do not have any air in them and can not go flat. The solid rubber hand dolly wheels are good if you are going to be moving very heavy loads often. But are not the best for maneuverability. The moldon and balloon wheels are like the solid rubber ones but are thinner and have slightly better maneuverability and are normally used for smaller loads.

There non flat hand dolly wheels that are like a hybrid of the solid rubber and the pneumatic wheel. It is solid rubber but with many smaller air bubbles inside the rubber. But do not worry this wheel will not go flat the air can not get out. This tires would be the best choice if you did not want the pneumatic tires.

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