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The cars that we use are important to us because they help us to travel from place to place. It is how we can get to work safely and take our children to school and their ballet classes. Without a car we would have to rely on buses and taxis – which are crowded and very expensive. Because of how important this is you must be able to take the proper care of the car that you are using.

Oil Changes

These oil changes can come up so fast and out of nowhere that we often delay them for a few weeks or even months. What most people do not realize is that this helps the parts in our car to function properly and it could kill the engine if we wait too long to have it done. It usually does not cost more than $40 and is very fast. Plus if you are lucky they will clean your car.

Check Engine Light

There are many lights on the dash of our car and usually we don’t pay much attention to them. Unless it is the gas light that comes on. However, when the check engine light comes on it is time to worry – but not panic. Take it to your mechanic and let them scope things out to see what the problem is. Some older cars have faulty check engine lights that never go out.

Changing Tires

It is important to know how to remove tires. This is something that everyone should know – including your teenager – should they ever drive the car. This is in case they have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Make sure that anytime you go on a road trip you bring the necessary tire removal tools with you and are able to do it on your own or work together with whoever you are with.

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