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If you are not agriculturally inclined – meaning you did not take any agriculture in high school or middle school or not generally interested in cows – you may have never heard of the term show-cow and may have wondered – what are show cows? It is a very important term in terms of beef production in relation to farmers. Normally show cows are calves that have been purchased for the purpose of one day after much training and grooming to be shown at a competition and on many attributes be scored by judges and then sold for a price. Normally the beef from these show cows are considered better tasting and a much higher quality.

If you are wondering why any normal person or student would decide to go through the process of learning how to this – there are many reasons. These competitions take you through an important agricultural activity learning how to raise cattle for food. Also this is an excellent opportunity for many students and parents to work together on a projection that will allow you to bond.

If you have decided to go ahead and do this hear are some thing that you will need to know. Let us start with cost. The overall investment from start to finish for raising and getting a calf ready for a show is around $2500 or more depending on several factors. To break it down you are looking at $1000 or more to selecting a beef show calf and about $1000 or more for feed and hay over a year’s time. This figure does not include housing or home cattle show equipment.

After getting the investment part settled you will want to know a little bit about terminology concerning different cattle breeds to know what judges look for and home cattle show equipment. First you will need to study up on the terms Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Limousine, Shorthorn, Chianine, Simmental, Gelbveih, and Brahman these are all terms associated with breeds and attributes of show calves.

Lastly there is some important equipment you will need to properly get your cow ready for a show. First you will need a truck and trailer for hauling the cow to the show. Sometimes local agriculture teachers or local farmers may help provide students with a trailer for moving their cow around. You will need to have a device that hold the animal while washing and grooming it called a blocking chute. Lastly you should have a rice root brush, curry comb, cattle blow dryer, trimmers and clippers. Hopefully these items and terminology will help get you started on your way to showing cows. Enjoy.

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