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Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what the different symbols and characters in our dreams mean. We can spend hours and hours contemplating what they have to do with us and how they apply to us – but in the end we have a hard time seeing the deep hidden meanings behind them.

People who have problems with this should use a dream dictionary. These dictionaries are usually separated into six different categories that include; animals, body parts, the different seasons, the calendar months, colors in your dreams, and everything else. The everything else category is made up of news, people, family, sex, situations, places, health, weather, feelings, and even sports.

Depending on the dictionary you choose will depend on what meaning they believe each symbol means. In order to give you an idea of what the different dream dictionaries will offer we will give you an example of different symbols and what meaning they may hold in your dream and for your future.

Animal Dream Meanings

Ape – This often warns someone to be careful. Deceit often goes with this dream and you will find opposition in love.

Crow – When you see this animal in your dream it means that you have dissapointment in everything. It is a very big sign of misfortune and grief.

Horses – These animals are usually associated with large earnings and is a sign that you will enjoy a very happy and prosperous life.

Body Parts Dream Meanings

Arm – This is a sign of strength and means you will have victory over your enemies. Unfortunately it also means that you will have fights with your family.

Blood – This is a sign of life energy and essence. It is also a sign of sad love affairs and deep disappointment.

Mouth – This is a sign of nourishment and brand new attitudes. It means that you will soon receive news from things you have been anxious for.

Seasons Dream Meanings

Spring – When you dream about this season it is a sign of cheerful companionship and lucky undertakings.

Autumn – This is a sign of transformation and that your surroundings will be changing. Through this you will have many ups and downs.

Calendar Dream Meanings

March – This month is a sign that disappointment will be returning to your life and enemies will cause much damage.

May – This month denotes the prosperous times and pleasures for young people. It is also a sign to not be discouraged.

December – This month is a time where you will accumulate much in wealth – but you will lose friendships along the way. However, you will be fortunate when it comes to love affairs.

Color Dream Meanings

Black – This is a sign that speaks of isolation and a period of transition. It is also a sign that you will have conflict among friends and family.

Green – This is a sign of serenity and growth. You will be able to look forward to projects that will have you excited and you will find pleasure from simple things.

Red – This is a sign of sensitivity and heavy passion in emotional relationships.

Everything Else Dream Meanings

Accident – Your life will be threatened and upset by certain events that are unexpected.

Baseball – This is a sign of disappointment in love, divorce in the future – but a future where you will prosper.

Redhead – This is a sign of passion and vigor. You need to be more dramatic and spontaneous in your life.

For more information about what your dreams mean, along with help interpeting them you might want to consider joining a popular dream interpretation forum. It’s a great way to communicate with others who are also questioning the meaning behind their own dreams, and sharing experiences is the best way to learn from them.

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