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I am an avid outdoorsmen and love to go camping. But one thing that can really ruin a camping trip is when I leave off from home and realize when I get to my campsite that is sometimes a half a days ride that I have left something off back at town. I love being outdoors but modern life has caused me to always want certain luxuries.

So when I do go camping there is a long list of things that I take with me. If you ever deciding to go camping and have never gone before there are a few things that you will want to make sure that you take with you or it may not be as fun as it could be.

To start off make sure to pack your toilet, microwave, sixty inch television, and desktop. Just kidding those are actually things you will be leaving behind. Now lets take a look at a few essentials you will need. First if you plan to be sleeping outdoors over night you will need to take a look at getting a sleeping bag and tent. These are important unless you are ground to sleep on the dirt in that case you can skip this part.

There are several different types of tents that you can get. One that I always suggest if you want to have your own tent instead of buying a large one is to just get a one person tent or also called a one man tent. The advantages of a one person tent is they are smaller, less expensive, and easier to set up than then normal group tents.

After that you will also want to look into having outdoor cookware, flashlights, backpacks, water, water container, and outdoor clothing these items are necessary if you are going to be in the woods for awhile.

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