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Our children are our world! They are so small and innocent and it is our responsibility to make sure that we protect them from harm and are able to provide for the things that they need. As they grow older we teach them to take care of themselves by learning responsibility, how to clean up, and even how to make the right decisions. This will help to prepare them for the real world.

But even when they are adults we still have that thought that they need to be protected and that we can still take charge of certain things in their life. Even though it is the time that we need to trust them and let them do their own thing there may be a few things that we can do for them still.

One way in which I plan on helping my daughter when she is an adult is to help pay for her education. College is expensive and many people are forced to take out school loans that take them years to pay off. Pushing them out into the world to start them off in debt is not something we want to do.

Instead you can set aside money for them while they are young and allow it to build up before you give it to them when they turn eighteen. The best thing you can do is to give them a children’s bank when they are born. Keep this in their room and put your spare change and their birthday money inside of it.

As they get older they can switch from the small bank in their room to the real thing. Open a savings account for them where you can deposit money every month for them. During eighteen years the money will accumulate and they may have enough to pay for college and much more.

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