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There are many precious metals in the world – but none is more valuable than gold. In many countries it is still a currency and in others it is bought and sold all the time. In fact there are many people today who still invest their money and time into buying and selling gold ingots.

Gold ingots is gold that have been melted down and molded into bars. The weight of the bar will determine how valuable it is and how much you are able to sell it for. In order to make a profit and sell your gold ingots you first must have an inventory of any that you have. They should each have their own specific serial number that will help others to identify it.

On the list make sure to also add their weight, when you purchased or made them, and how much you paid for them. This will make sure that you do not sell it for less than what you paid. If you do this you will not make any profit on it.

You will need to go to Nucleo Exchange – the open market that will list the top sellers and buyers of gold bullions, ingots, and coins. List the number on ingots that you wish to sell and list the price that you think it is worth. Once you have done this you will need to wait until someone is willing to pay what you want.

Another way to sell it is to auction it off at an online site. The best and safest one you can do this at is eBay. This will allow you to set a low price and than allow people to come bid on it. This method may give you a chance to earn more money than you originally planned on because some bidders will pay anything to get one.

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