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For many people when they think about camping all they can imagine is sleeping on a hard ground and trying to swat away bugs and ants. Being surrounded by a beautiful scenery and cooking and singing songs by the camp fire is fun – but when we sleep we like to be as comfortable as possible.

Trying to sleep in the one person tents can be difficult for us because it does not give us enough room to move around. Also there is definitely no room for those air mattresses or cots that we so desperately wish to sleep on. When you go with a large group try investing your money into something more fun and more comfortable for everyone to use – a cabin tent.

These tents are almost twice the size of a normal sized one and have the ability to hold between six to eight people if not more. There are many different types that you can purchase – which are made for the different seasons, camping purposes, and the amount of people you want to hold.

You can purchase condo cabin tents – which are some of the large types and have two or three rooms built into them. This allows the girls to be separate from the boys or the kids from the parents. In other words you are given the privacy you need. You are also given the space you need to walk around the tent without ducking your head and sacrificing your comfortable air mattress.

The most common and well used type is the nylon cabin tent. These tents use nylon fabric – which is one of the most durable materials that you can use. It is able to withstand against rain and snow – which makes it great to be used no matter what season it is. It is also air tight and helps to keep the bugs out when you sleep.

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