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There are a few different forms of camping. One of the most unique is trail camping. This is when you choose a well known trail to hike on. Every day you will walk along the trail and enjoy the wildlife around you. Each night you will camp out along the trail and get a good nights rest for the walk in the morning.

Trail camping is something that not everyone can do – but with a lot of hard work and the right planning it can be a lot of fun. You just have to remember to bring the proper gear with you. Because you have to carry everything you are bringing with you each day as you walk you want to make it organized and lightweight.

Sleeping Bags And Tents

These are a must have when you go camping anywhere. There are lightweight and one person tents that you can bring with you and maybe even hold above your backpack. Just make sure to choose one that can be easily carried around with you – but that you will also be somewhat comfortable in at night.


This too must be easy to carry and is what will hold everything you are brining with you. There are special camping backpacks that you can purchase – but they need to be level with your weight and height. Try them out and find the one that is easier for you to carry.


Food is a must have and is what will give you the nourishment you need to keep your strength up each day. It wouldn’t be possible to drag a cooler behind you to carry everything. For drinks you should being a canteen full of water. This is great to have if you are walking near a river where you can fill it up at.

When it comes to food you will want to purchase something that does not have to be cooked. This will keep you from having to carry all of your heavy camping cookware on the trip. The best trail camping food to bring with you are nuts, sunflower seeds, rice, and dried beans.

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