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I have heard many people taking about how important it is that you drink regular amounts of water everyday for your health. Lately I have spent a lot of time thinking about my health and considered to do a little online research about the importance of drinking water and how much you should consume everyday. After awhile I found many people discussing the differences between regular tap water and purified water.

The main question seems to be – Is purified water better than tap water? First you might want to know when looking at bottles in the store that are labeled purified water that this could mean two different things. Because there are two different processes that can be used to purify water other than purifying it yourself at home.

These two processes are called distillation and deionization. Distilled water is boiled and then the steam is caught in tubes where it cools back into a liquid form. During the time it is boiling when it becomes vapor many of the impurities are left behind because they can turn into vapor and travel with the steam. In many cases water is distilled twice before being sent out. Deionization is a process where chemicals are added to the water and they bond with the impurities. This leaves the water very clean. The deionization process is much cheaper to do the distillation.

One of the first facts that I found about this difference between store bought purified water and tap from your home is that in almost every case store bought purified water always had lower levels of chemicals verses tap.

Many people believe there are many health aspects of purified water. And it should be taken for your health. But the truth is water is and always will be just water. And that no one specific water is going to have more health benefits that the other. Other than the fact that some water can be considered cleaner than others.

The most important thing to remember is that you should get regular amounts of water daily. I am not asking you to go drink eight glasses a day. If you don’t drink any right now drinking a couple of glasses a day would be a great idea. So – when it comes to which one is better I think best thing to do is drink purified water because it is cleaner not healthier. And normally cleaner water taste better than tap.

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