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Bologne is a certain type of meat that many of us used to eat as children for lunch and other meals. For many of us this sandwich meat was one of our favorites when it was mixed with cheese and mayonnaise. The taste and texture of this meat is very different from turkey or ham.

Bologne is a type of cooked or smoked sausage that is made with pork, beef, and at times a combination of both of these. Other ingredients that is put into making these include sugar, salt, pepper, and a combination of other spices. These spices are used to prevent botulism from occurring – which is a type of contamination that is able to make people seriously ill.

Although beef and pork are the most common meats put into bologne they are not the only ones. In fact you can find ones that are made with turkey. Any type of meat can be used. All they require is to be ground up and combined with the other ingredients before being poured into a special casing. After this they are then cooked and packaged for selling.

The meat itself was introduced and named after Bologna – a city in Italy. During the 1400’s traders would travel through the small village and choose from a selection of sausage – but would call it bologne. It became increasingly popular and anyone who came to visit would not be able to leave before trying some. Its popularity grew over time and during the 19th century many Americans were eating it on a constant basis and would even refer to pork as bologne.

Throughout time people have grown to love the taste of this delicious meat and have created a variety of bologne recipes. It is a childhood treat and one that many adults still love to this day and enjoy eating it with their children.

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