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Digital audio voice recorders are great to use for school or even for certain jobs that you might have. It allows you to record a seminar and meeting so that later you can go back, listen to it, and study or take down reminders and notes that you might have missed. These recorders are very handy to use – but sometimes they can stop working on us when we need them the most.

The problems that we might have with them may be more simple and easy to fix then we think. I have provided a few tips that should make troubleshooting a digital audio voice recorder much easier than you would have thought.

Battery Check

Because it is a digital device it will eat through power much quicker then the older recorders normally would have done. Using standard batteries is not going to be useful because it will eat through them very quickly. It is no wonder that every time you try to use it the thing will keep dying on you. Instead purchase rechargeable digital batteries that can hold a charge longer. Just in case though it is best to keep spare batteries on you.

Poor Sound Quality

Do you ever have a problem with trying to understand the person you recorded when you try to listen to it later? This is because you need a special microphone that will pick it up much better. Stereo microphones are one of the best to use for digital audio recorders because it can focus on the person talking and drown out background noises.

Understand The Device

Something like this can be very confusing to use if you have never used anything like it before. It is easier to read the instruction manual ahead of time and learn what all the buttons do and how to work it. Before you go to that big meeting or seminar you need to practice how to record things.

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