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When it comes to learning how to drive some say that it takes at least five years of driving experience before you can be considered an average driver. I guess that is why car insurance gets less expensive the older you get. Other than the normal day to day driving in your car, truck, or van sometimes you may find yourself in need of moving large loads of stuff. For instance if you have to relocate and have a lot of furniture to move then you may need to drive a trailer to get it all moved.

For many of us who have never driven a trailer before we may find it is not as easy as normal day to day driving in your normal vehicle. But with good common sense and some extra trailer driving tips it can just a simple as driving a normal car.

First if you are going to be pulling a trailer – before going and getting a trailer make sure your vehicle has a trailer ball. Trailer balls are located at the rear of the automobile. Some cars may just have a bumper mount receiver. If you only have a receiver than you will need to purchase a trailer ball at your local store.

Once you have gotten all set up and are attached to your trail then here are some trailer driving tips to help you on your way. When driving do not drive fast – fast driving can cause accidents and having to put brakes on fast while driving with a trailer can cause you to “jackknife” so when you are using a trailer always drive at the speed limit. Always increase speed gradually and brake slowly allow yourself lots of braking room.

When it comes to turning and backing on with a trailer try to get some practice in a open parking lot and get the hang of it first before actually doing it. Remember if your are backing up you have to turn the wheel in the opposite of the direction that you want to go. When turning avoid tight or sharp turns and always make sure your mirrors or adjusted properly before taking off. If the mirrors are in the proper position you should be able to see the entire length of the trailer in them. Lastly it is best if any new driver have someone that is experienced driving in the truck with them.

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