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Trying to install an indoor ceiling fan is a great idea because it will help to keep your home cool without having to use the air conditioning so much. Trying to install a fan in a room that has never had one before may require the assistance of an electrician. However, if the room already has one and all you are doing is replacing it with something better than you can do it yourself.

Make sure to turn off the power to the fan before dismounting the old one. This will prevent you from electrocuting yourself. Once the old fan is removed you will need to attach the mounting bracket for the new one onto the electrical box. You have to be careful during this process to make sure that everything is well secured. Otherwise it could cause the fan to wobble and to become noisy when in use.

You will need to use the provided ‘working hook’ and attach it to the mounting bracket. This is what your fan will be hanging from. Make sure to attach it while you are hooking the wires up. When attaching the wires you will need to follow the manual’s instructions very carefully. Any extra wires hanging down can be placed inside of the electrical box.

The next thing you need to do is attach the motor of the fan to the mounting bracket using the screws that came with it. After doing this you will be ready to turn the power on and see how well it is working. Make sure that the wall switch as well as the pull chord is turned on.

Once you are sure that the ceiling fan is working properly you will be ready to attach the motor cover and then attach the individual fan blades to the mounting bracket.

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