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Over a million Americans have to use a wheel chair to get around. For many of them living in a two story house would just be out of the question. But not any more. We now have technology that can help those that normally could not make it up or down a set of stairs can now use stair glide.

Stair glide is special system that can carry someone who can not walk up a set of stairs to the second floor of their homes. This system works by simply installing a rail on the wall side of the stairs and runs the whole length of the stairs. There is a chair attached to the rail and a disabled person can sit on it and make it go up or down the stairs.

This system works for a flight of straight stairs or curved stairs. One of the great advantages of this system is that it run on DC power. If something happens and there is a power outage it will still work and the batteries automatically recharge when it isn’t being used.

They are very easy to operate from a toggle switch on the arm in the chair. These chairs are very quite and ride smoothly. There are many stair glide manufacturer and distributers that you can purchase a stair glide from. Normally you can see if your insurance will cover it.

If you think you will have difficulty purchasing one of these new from a manufacturer than there is other options for purchasing one. Sometimes if you think you will only need one for a short period of time you can rent one. But this is not suggested if you are going to need if for a prolonged time. They can also be purchased used. Sometimes this can help you save money compared to paying for a new one out of pocket.

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