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If you have lost a tooth for one reason or another than you may need a dental implant. Dental implants are used to replace teeth that you have lost and will not be able to grow back. There are a couple of different types of dental implants. They are titanium root form implants, sub-periosteal implants, plate form implants, ramus implants, and transosseous implants.

Now you may be asking are dental implants important? Yes they are very important if you are missing any teeth it is very important to your overall health to have them replaced. I know that you may have decided against it because of dental implant cost. But their are many different types of insurance out there that can help you pay for them.

If you do not replace missing teeth than you could suffer from TMJ, a disorder called resorption, and increased tooth decay and gum disease. When you are missing a tooth the bone that supported the tooth that is no longer there will start to deteriorate this is called resorption. If you wait to long a large amount of bone loss will occur making it impossible to use dental implants. This could cause your teeth to become over sensitive.

If you wait to long the overall health of your teeth could diminish to a point where most of your teeth are affected and you may end up not being able to chew solid food anymore leading you to a liquid and mashed food diet that could cause you to become overall unhealthy. And this is only to mention on possible scenario there are other negatives to not replace missing teeth.

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