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Migraine headaches are one of the most elusive pains we can face and can become very nauseating and painful to deal with. Having an migraine can really disrupt your day. So those who suffer from them have started doing almost anything they can to over come them. Hear are a few things they have been trying lately to help overcome their on going battle with migraine headaches.

Some people have turned from conventional prescription drugs to other more natural remedies to help fight migraines like – different fruit and fruit extracts from lemons to grapes and vegetable like cabbages. Some have been using B vitamins especially niacin.

If they were not satisfied with the results from natural remedies than some have tried different medication other than or with their natural remedies regiments. The problem here is it is hard to determine why most people have these headaches so doctors will do the best they can to prescribe the right medication. Normally these drugs our mainly used to treat other symptoms labeled for relieving pain and other things and can not treat the headache directly.

Lastly many our on a special diet to help prevent migraine aches. This diet is comprised mostly of fruits and vegetables. This diet prohibits junk food, white or refined flour, sugar, candies, and greasy foods. I wonder if it is no coincidence that healthy food help cut back on migraine headaches.

Some only eat fruits and vegetables or some will fast to help cleanse the body. They believe that by cleansing their body they are least likely to suffer an attack.

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