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When choosing the type of floor that should be used in your kitchen the first thing we consider is how durable it will be and how long it will last. This is a question that is especially asked among families who have children. It is the one room in the house that everyone will be using several times a day and which will gather dirt, food stains, and other wear and tear.

Wood kitchen flooring is possibly the most durable types of flooring that you could use and it also helps to add value to your home. With the proper care the wood floors can last for years. In order to make sure that this happens we have provided you with tips on how to care for your wood kitchen floors.

Every week you need to use a soft, fine bristle broom to sweep the entire floors. In the middle of the week you can use your vacuum to remove any extra dirt that your kids track in. In order to make sure that the vacuum does not scratch the floors you should use a soft brush attachment.

Water is something that should never touch your kitchen flooring because it is the one thing that can cause extreme damage to it. Anything wet that falls on your wood floors should be removed immediately to avoid any water damage that could rot it.

On polyurethaned wood floors the water can fall into the cracks and seems of the wood. Use a dry, damp mop to pick up this water to avoid any damage from happening. To help keep your floors safe you could always use a carpet runner that does not have skid pads. Just make sure that you vacuum these runners to keep the dirt from getting underneath the wood and scratching it.

Make sure that you keep the shine inside your wood floors. You can use special wood floor cleaners that can be mopped onto your floors once a month. They help to keep your wood looking great. Just be careful when walking across them after you use this as some can make the floors very slippery.

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