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LASIK surgery is something that many of us need when trying to fix any eye problems that we have. Although there are risks involved they are usually minimal and not enough to deter our decision. The results can be fantastic and having the ability to see without using eye glasses or contacts is something we love.

After deciding on a surgeon and knowing that we are candidates for the procedure the next thing we have to worry about is how we plan on paying for it. Like any type of medical procedure it is not cheap to pay for something like this. There are ways in which we can finance it – but it is so expensive that you could use the money to buy a small car.

There are payments that have to be made up front and interest rates that could double the price if we are not careful on paying it back. In order to make sure that we do not push ourselves into debt we need to find a LASIK center that will be able to provide us with an affordable payment and finance plan that we can work well with.

One of the best ways to make sure that you pay it back faithfully and on time each month is to use a flexible spending account. This is useful if you are going through a health plan provider and will give the surgeon the option to deduct the money from each paycheck. It is also easier to use when you do not have any insurance.

Your next best option is to work through the doctor’s office to set up a payment plan for the cost of Lasik that you can pay back easily. Most will offer this because they want you to use them and some will not even ask for a certain amount of money down. Also the best thing about them is that there is usually no interest involved.

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