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If you want to make the best lather for shaving to help stop razor burn and to leave you face feeling great before and after shaving than you will need to put the can of shaving cream down. This will not only save you money in the long run but will also be better for the environment by cutting down on how many cans of shaving cream make it into the landfills every year.

The first thing you will need to do get select the right shaving brush for you. You can not use shaving mug soap without one. Many say that a brush made out of badger hair is best but very expensive. To save on money they have brushes made of combination badger hair and other materials.

Next you will need to get a shaving mug. The shaving mug helps with making the lather but is not the main place lather is made. Many people think that the process of whisking the brush around in the mug is how the lather is made. That is not the whole truth – you do whisk the brush around in the mug to get the lather going. But it is also important to apply the lather to the face in a circular motion and work it in – almost as though you are creating the lather on your face. Lastly pick out a good shaving mug soap that will lubricate the skin.

Now to get started – first wash your face using normal soap and afterwards dry your face prior to applying the lather. Your shaving soap will make the best lather if you have a good clean dry skin. Next moisten the brush with warm water and afterwards let any excess water fall off the brush but do not shake the brush dry – leave as much hot water in the brush as you can.

Put the warm wet brush into the mug and whisk it around to load the bristles with soap – there should be some lather in the mug and on the brush at this point. Apply the soapy brush to your face and work it in a circular motion. Do not worry if the lather you are making does not look like how it used to when you used shaving cream – soap does not work that way.

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