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Ameriglide is one of the leading manufacturers for stair lifts. For more then twenty years they have been the best customer service that they can offer and the safest and most useful products that are on the market today. They understand the need to offer a variety of models that will give them the choices they need at a price that they can afford.

This includes offering models that are both AC or DC powered. AC powered lifts were common when they were first being produced. They use electricity that is powered through wires and cables in order to run and although they are not as common anymore some people still prefer them.

However, they introduced the DC power models when they realized the advantages that they could offer to their customers. When using their DC powered models, the people no longer had to worry about finding a way to hide the wires or wonder if they will ever trip over them. Instead they use batteries that will work even when the power goes out.

It is these types of options that makes this company worth purchasing from. That and all of the features and conveniences that they provide for each model. They build their lifts in such a way that makes them last longer then most models and make sure that they are easy to maintain. They also make sure to provide them with the necessary features that make them safe and simple to use.

Ameriglide stair lifts are built for comfort and with seat belts, sensors that will brake the lift if something is in the way, and a remote control that will allow you to call the chair to you when you need it. It is no wonder that they serve thousands of people are rated to be one of the best companies in the industry.

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