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For most American men we just wake up every morning smear cream on our faces and then scrape it off with a razor right before racing to work. But after doing a little online research I have found that there is something out the much better than standard shaving cream.

When it comes to shaving the biggest goal is to just get the hair off your face. But I like to do it with as little discomfort and bleeding as possible and I do what I can to stop razor burn. But after spending a little time online I found that your pre-shave routine is just as important to your face as the removing of hair.

Spending time on the lather process can help you have a more comfortable shave and cut back on razor burn. All you need to make a great shaving lather is a shaving brush with shaving mug and soap. These item used in conjunction with each other can help leave your face feeling great before and after shaving.

When it comes to the item above there are a few important points we will need to cover. When concerning what kind of shaving brush to use. Get a shaving brush made of badger hair using one that the bristle part is made of all badger all is best but to save on money you can get a badger hair mix.

Next using a mug and good shaving soap are crucial in making a great lather. The mug is a great place to put the soap and can help complete a shaving set. The soap is very important in the fact that most shaving soap come formulated to help clean, lubricate, exfoliate, and help protect the face from the blade.

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