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The time honored art of straight razor shaving is still around and even though it is no longer considered the safest way to shave it is still seen by many as the best way to shave. And men all around who have been shaving with their multi-blade razor are now ready to try the more prestigious way of shaving with a straight razor. But before you go and just buy any razor here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying one.

First decide between which straight razor would be best for you – there are three options replaceable, disposable, and classic just like normal shaving razors. The first two are easy but if you get the classic blade then there will be some up keep on keeping the blade in shaving condition. The process of doing so is called stropping and honing.

After you have decided which one you would like to try you will need to decide on either a blade made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen while stainless steel is not as easy to sharpen. But many companies that offer straight blades also offer re-honing services.

Once you have finished deciding which one to try. It will be time to choose a handle. Handles can come in many shapes and sizes and be made out of almost anything. So you can choose one that best fits your personal style. But do not let practicality slip your mind hear if the handle does not feel right in your hand then you may have difficulty shaving.

Lastly before using or purchasing a new straight razor make sure to inspect it if the are any nicks or chips in the blade no matter how small you must return it. The smallest imperfections in the blade could cause you to cut yourself while shaving.

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