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America to often do I see people setting out at the beginning of the day ready to make a change to their lives for the positive. But by the end of the day they have given up. Do you think most of these people gave up on their short lived life style due to will power and all the others who stuck to their new plans in life where better?

For instance let us related this to fat loss. People are always starting new diets but it does not seem as though we are seeing that many people getting healthier. Why? Because they do not stay on there new diet. For all those who did not stay on their new weight loss diets what can be done to help them? Can there be some special diet or solution to the problem at hand?

Many people think there is a secret to losing fat. When it comes to being thinner and healthier you need two things – more activity and healthier eating. There is no secret – so what is the problem. I think the problem is unhealthy fat loss. Unhealthy fat loss is when you do things like totally turn your life upside down to get the pounds off. Or if you do something drastic like go from not working out to trying to workout three hours a day or try to live off a super low calorie diet that does not allow you to get what you need.

What you need is healthy fat loss – which is simply using good common sense and taking it easy while you make changes to your lifestyle for the better. All you to do is gradually make changes to your activity levels and eating habits.

For instance when concerning your activity levels you do not need to go join a gym to lose weight – it will help but if you make such a change to your daily routine how will you keep up. Instead try walking around your neighborhood or find a sport that you like and get active in that.

When concerning what you eat do not become a vegetarian over night. Continue eating foods that you know you like but find the health alternative. For instance if you hate green sprouts there is no need to eat them all day long now. Instead if you like chicken eat baked or grilled and not fried. As long as your diet consist of lean meat, fruits, and vegetables and not junk food, fast food, and high processed carbs you should be on your way to healthy fat loss.

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