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I hear many people always warning me to put on some Sun block anytime I am going to be outside for awhile and have been wondering – why? After speaking to many friends and coworkers of mine they have told me that they are worried that they could get skin cancer if they are overexposed to the rays from the Sun.

Well I was quite perplexed at how big of a deal it seemed to be to some of them. So I hopped online to see what the risks are of being over exposed to Sunlight. From what I found if you are going to be outside for awhile than it is highly recommended that you wear Sun block. But the other stuff I found online about Sunlight was much more surprising that what I was looking for.

I found that many Americans actually do not get enough Sunlight and that there is even a disorder called S.A.D. which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder that about twenty percent of America suffers from. Some of the symptoms of are S.A.D. is depression, less energy, and increased appetite. Some have said that S.A.D. has been linked directly to lack of sunlight.

There are many other benefits of having regular amounts of sunlight. Some say that sunlight can help with healing certain skin problems like – dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. There are studies that show that those who work in well lighted areas like classroom that have sunlight flowing into them work better and are more motivated.

After hearing all this – my friends and I wondered – does this mean we are supposed to lay out in the Sun all day. I figured that could not be the way I was going to get more sunlight so I did a little more research and found that many people out there found ways to let more direct daylight into there homes and businesses through Velux Skylights.

Installing a skylight with Velux blinds to control the amount of sunlight that is going through them was a great idea. Rooms that I put skylights in seemed more roomy and uplifting than rooms that didn’t have them. There are many reasons you would want to have skylights with Velux blinds in your home. Not only will using daylight lower your power bill if you get venting skylights your home will feel fresher.

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