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Stretch marks are one of the most common blemishes that both men and women will have to deal with. For women they can affect them when they are pregnant and they gain lots of weight because of the baby. But for men these can affect them when they gain large amounts of weight or when they exercise a great deal.

When you exercise a great deal and especially do the weight training. Men have an easier time trying to gain muscle mass and over a short period of time they can get a lot. There are methods and tricks that you can use which will help you to avoid these unsightly blemishes and keep your arms and legs free from them.

Heavy lifting is a great way to build muscles fast – which will stretch the skin and cause these marks – which can look purple and bluish. The best way to avoid this is to work your way up and to use lighter weights. Over time you can slowly increase the weight and build the muscle up slower.

Just because you have to lift lighter weights does not mean that you have to sacrifice the intensity of your work out. Lean muscle mass is a great way to bulk up without having stretch marks. Increase the reps that you do and it will help to give you a leaner look and to prevent stretch marks.

Another exercise that you should do are the cardiovascular kinds. These will help to keep you from gaining weight as you change your diet to one full of a lot of calories. Biking, swimming, running, and stepping are some of the best cardiovascular exercises and are also great at staying in shape.

All of these tips will be no good unless you use the necessary home stretch mark removal – which means you need to take care of your skin. There are many lotions that contain vitamin E and other ingredients that help to keep it moisturized. Also try to eat a balanced diet that will help to keep your skin healthy.

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