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Many people will use lights in their front and back yards in order to light up their patio, walk way, and garden during the night time hours. This gives them the chance to have cook outs or to simply relax with your friends and family after the sun goes down.

Choosing the right types of lights that you can use can be hard. Instead of worrying about trying to install the standard lights why not stick to something more simple. Solar lights are energy efficient and are some of the easiest to install.

Before you can install them you must first choose the type that you want. One of the most popular are the solar flood lights – which can be used in the front yard to help people find their way to the front door. Also make sure that you have chosen the right type that will work well with the power pack you have. It is possible to purchase pre-built sets that are much easier to install.

The power pack is used to power up the lights and must therefore be in a well lit area that receives light through most of the day. The lights should be hooked up onto the house where you want them to be or they can be placed into the ground. If the ground is rocky or hard you will first need to dig a hole for them that is three inches deep.

Although these are easier to use then the standard outdoor lights they still come with a couple of wires that need to be connected to from the power pack to the lights. You will need to build a three in deep trench that travels from the power pack to the first set of lights. If you do things right it can be a very small trench.

Place the wires inside of the trench after you have connected them and fill it in with dirt. Before you plug the wires into the power pack you must first hook up the rest of the lights. Once everything is hooked up you can program the motion detector and light timer.

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