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There are many things out there large and small that we can talk about when it comes to home décor. For instance we could spend all day just talking about painting the walls or the color of the carpet. Because these are two of the biggest things that people discussed when talking about remodeling or redecorating.

But recently with a smaller budget and a do it yourself attitude I have being looking into the smaller things when concerning home décor. One thing I started putting most of my focus on is fixtures. Most fixtures in your home or office are easily interchangeable with other fixture of similar color, design, and purpose.

Even thought this seems like a small thing to worry about and feels like it will have little impact on your home or office décor. Think again all of your fixtures combined can make a large part of your décor. If you do not believe me go around and take down all your fixtures and then tell me how your home looks.

Lately one room I have focused on the most when it comes to changing out or adding fixtures to have a positive impact is my bathroom or for more public areas called the restroom. There are so many fixtures in your rest room and if you do not already have these items then you have an excellent opportunity to install them.

Look for bathroom items like – towel racks, towel or robe hooks, toilet paper holders, and the faucet knobs used on your sink and shower are just to name a few. One that I have recently been changing out a lot is different types of toilet paper holders to see which one is the coolest and best for my bathroom décor.

The most common one seems to be the recessed toilet paper holder. Because of the room it saves. But if you do not have a holder and need one but don’t want to install one then there are many free standing options that can add to the beauty of your water closet.

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