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People who have to use wheel chairs usually suffer tension in the neck, back, and shoulders because they are in one position for the whole day. In order to alleviate these pains they can learn to do some exercises that will help to flex the muscles and give them strength they want and it will also help to put them in a great mood.

Resistance Training

Some of the best types of exercises for anyone to do is resistance training. All you need are a pair of stretch bands that you will use to work out your upper body and legs. You can d leg extensions, trunk rotations, shoulder rotations, and pull downs. These are usually very affordable and you can choose either high or low resistance levels.

Strength Training

In order to get any form of muscle strength you need to be able to do exercises that target strength training. You can use free weights that will help to give you the upper body strength you need to do everyday activities. This is perfect for people who started with resistance training and need something more challenging to do.


Yoga is a very common exercise that is said to help people both physically and mentally. There are special Yoga classes that are designed to help those who are in wheelchairs in order to give them flexibility and a peace of mind. The exercises are challenging – but they are also very beneficial. It is best to practice these at gyms in large groups. Just make sure that they have the necessary wheel chair ramps and classes that will give you access to them.


Before doing any form of exercise it is important that you stretch the muscles. This will help to loosen them up and prepare your body. Without stretching you might injure something and put yourself in a lot of pain.

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