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In the world of technology things move very quickly for those of us who are on the outside. The engineers and tech geeks seems to stumble onto new advancements every six months and for them it is a breakthrough and a new beginning that they have been waiting for a long time. But for us civilians it is yet another upgrade, new computer, or even new operating system that we have to buy.

Don’t get me wrong! I love to purchase a brand new computer that is faster and able to hold more memory then ever before. But when it comes to operating systems it would be nice to stick to one for more then just a couple of years. Windows XP was around for quite a bit of time and many of us (despite the bugs and many upgrades) got used to how it worked and were very pleased with it.

But now XP is being pushed out for something that is ‘better and faster’ then anything we have ever used. At least that is what Microsoft is telling us. But we all know to take what they say with a grain of salt because half of the products that they release end up by having bug that can crash your computer in a single day.

Windows Vista is unlike anything that we have ever used and when compared to XP it looks like a great advancement. The layout is completely different and everything has been changed – which can be good but it means that we have to re-learn something completely different. This can take time and for some of us can be downright annoying.

When it was first released half of the people were impressed by the improved graphics that it had and the fact that it could run so much faster. But the other half were troubled by the problems that they were faced with. One of the biggest complaint was the fact that the operating system had to seek approval for everything you did.

Obviously this was a firewall set up by Microsoft and while it can be useful in certain situations having to approve the games and every download you make is annoying. Hopefully an upgrade for this or another new operating system will fix this problem.

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