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Solar power is a free renewable energy that almost anyone can tap into. We through technology have taped into it to power many things from homes to street lights. Even better you can now use the Sun to light your lawn at night it is very simple and best of all it is very inexpensive to set up solar garden lights in your lawn.

These lights can be found at almost any local home and garden store or with many retailers online. They require very little set up compared to electrical powered out door lighting that requires wires be ran from a power source to the lighting fixtures. With solar garden light there is no wiring just mount them or stake them were you want them to go and you are all set.

Some of these lights start off at just $20 bucks. With them being that inexpensive you would make back the money spent on them just in your power bill alone. By harnessing the power of the Sun you can light your gardens, patios, walkway, and driveways all night long.

If you have decided to invest into some of these lights for your home. We suggest making sure you use LED solar garden lights. This type of garden light uses a special LED bulb also know as light emitting diodes.

LED bulbs are the way of the future they are now being used in cell phone screens, high definition televisions, and flash lights. They are better than normal light bulbs because they last twice as long as normal bulbs and are many times more energy efficient. In addition to that they are more durable making them great for outside use.

Solar garden lights also can be found in many different shapes designs and colors that you can use to add to the d├ęcor of you lawn and garden. For instance I have seen lights in the shapes of colorful globes, lady bugs, and lanterns.

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