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A sinus infection is one of the worst medical problems that we can deal with. What starts out as a simple head cold can quickly turn into a sinus infection that has spun out of control. The sinus infection symptoms can be annoying not to mention painful when we try to live with them or are not treating them in the proper way.

One of the most effective treatments that you can use is sinus wash. This is very effective and perfect for people who prefer to treat many of their problems without the use of drugs and other such medications that could possibly have negative side effects to deal with.

Using sinus wash is easy as long as you follow the directions very carefully. The first thing that you need to do is combine the ingredients that it comes with into a rinse bottle that can be reused or into a nasal bulb syringe. It is up to you to decide which one is easier to use.

When using this it would be best to do it in shower because it can be a little messy. You need to tilt your head downwards and place the syringe or bottle into one side of your nose. Gently squeeze it while keeping your mouth open. This allows the saline water to travel easily through the nasal passages and through your mouth. If you do it too quickly you can hurt your ears.

When the saline water comes out it will remove mucus as well. It is best to rinse your nose out until the water is clean as it comes out. Once you are finished with one side of the nose you can switch to the other. People who are hurting from some of the more severe sinus infection symptoms should do this once or twice a day.

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